Founded in 2013

by artists who understand the problem of their peers to turn talent into a powerful communication tool and a professional career.

we believe in the power of creativity to change the world for the better.


“To empower young creatives to raise the ethical and professional standards of the cultural and creative sectors”


“To develop a sustainable market for creativity & give art back to the people”

AlQomrah for artists

AlQomrah aims at being the most comprehensive platform for artists in Egypt and the MENA region by creating a parallel support system through which both their creative and social capital can be developed through the innovative “Triple E empowerment approach”: Employability, Education and Engagement.

Employability: AlQomrah re-directs funds into the creative sector and generate jobs for creatives.

Education: Young creatives have the unique opportunity to refine and enhance their skills based on individual needs.

Engagement: AlQomrah scouts talent 360° and promotes highly participatory art projects at the local, national and international level.

AlQomrah for clients

AlQomrah operates by efficiently managing client’s requests from commission to production and by coordinating and supervising the work of the most talented creatives in photography, videography and design.

AlQomrah understands and fulfills the communication and marketing needs of clients requesting compelling visual products to outreach and retain both old and new audiences in the 2.0 communication era. Clients are not only provided with supervised shooting and production plans but also with artistic direction to transform any idea, need and vision into an appealing visual communication & marketing product.

Why AlQomrah?

Top quality creative productions and empowerment for young creatives.

Our Team