AlQomrah aims at being the most comprehensive platform for artists in Egypt by creating a parallel support system through which both their creative and social capital can be developed for the benefit of the community at large. AlQomrah has launched and it is implementing five main programs for the benefit of artists:

1-Income Generation Program:

AlQomrah launched the first income generation program for visual artists in Egypt.

AlQomrah generates employment for the community of artists mainly by securing contracts for creative service provision from clients across sectors. Resources made available through this mechanism are redirected towards a coordinated network of socially engaged professionals in the fields of photography, videography and design.

In other words AlQomrah redirects funds into the arts market by representing and coordinating the community of creatives (market offer) before clients across sectors in need of marketing, communication and documentation services (market demand).

AlQomrah has employed a growing number of artists on assignment basis and to date it has re-directed relevant resources into the sector by providing services across 7 governorates in Egypt.

2- Mentoring Program:

The Mentoring Program for visual artists is the first of its kind in Egypt and aims at providing selected artists with pro bono personal tutorship, art direction, career support and technical trainings to develop creative and management skills.

The Mentoring Program is implemented at a national scale with different selections of artists per cycle.

It comprises 5 individual mentoring sessions, a mandatory training in art project management and one collective exhibition. The overall objective of the mentoring program is to scout, educate and engage talented Egyptian creatives to be ethical and professional leaders in their fields for the benefit of the cultural sector and the Egyptian community at large.

AlQomrah is currently operating the mentoring program for young painters and aims at starting the mentoring track for young Egyptian photographers in 2015.







3- One Egyptian Artist Program:

The “One Egyptian Artist Program” is an upgrade of the mentoring program and focuses on one artist at a time. This program targets the most compelling artistic talents in Egypt and provides selected participants with unlimited support over 1 year. Artists are provided with a mini-grant to develop an artistic project and AlQomrah commits to close each cycle with a personal art exhibition in Egypt or abroad.








The selected artist for the cycle 2013-14 was Dina Hafez


4- Photography Workshops 

AlQomrah photography school was established in 2013 thanks to the vision, passion and knowledge of Rehab El Dalil, one of the most accomplished and talented photographers in the country among the new generation of creatives. The school comes from the vision of social photography as a tool to empower young aspiring photographers to become ethical and professional leaders in the field for the benefit of the sector and the community at large.

AlQomrah has been providing photography educational workshops since September 2013. The school has a wealth of training modules covering all fields of photography and targeting all photographers from entry level to established professionals.

Our instructors are professionals in their field and passionate to share their experience with students who have the unique opportunity to become professionals starting from entry level workshops and progressing to the most advanced trainings.

The wide offer of course and learning methods is proven to support photographers to understand their preferred field of work and to develop a clear career path.









5- Inspiration Hour Program:

The Inspiration Hour initiative consists of a series of talks held routinely in different arts and cultural venues in Cairo and it is an opportunity to introduce a new artist to the general public at each round. Talks are mainly casual discussions about art, artistic practices and productions, contextual challenges and opportunities. Artists have a chance to access an audience, present their work and raise awareness on the arts scene in Egypt with a main focus on the diverse community of artists in the country.

The main targets of the Inspiration Hour are as follows:

1- Train and motivate artists to present themselves and their work confidently to the public.

2- Help artists to gain exposure.

3- Inspire any individual within the public to pursue their artistic passion if they wish to do so.

4- Showcase the efforts and hard work of promising artist accomplishes to create their work and thus spreading appreciation towards artists. Inspiration Hour sessions were launched in December 2013 and piloted over the year 2014. The initiative received positive feedback from the public and all artists involved.

Featured artists to date: Nourhan Refaat; Nadia Mounier; Ahmad Al Abi; Khaled Gohar.

Inspiration Hour: Nadia Mounir