Educate Me – Portraits

Project Details:

Educate-Me is an Egyptian non-profit foundation started in 2010 to redefine education in Egypt. Educate-Me started as a fundraising effort to reinstate financially underprivileged children back to school, but after concluding that public education is insufficient, Educate-Me moved towards developing its own learner-centered educational model that can hopefully influence the national education system in Egypt on the long-term. Through a grass-roots community-based and community-driven model, Educate-Me serves underprivileged communities with a vision of giving every child the knowledge, skills and attitudes that enables him/her to have the freedom and opportunity to aspire to their dreams. This photography service aimed at developing compelling visuals of Educate Me actvities and served children to scale up marketing and fundraising efforts

Project Insights:

Client: Educate me
Project Status: Finished
Year: 2014
Duration: 2 weeks

Project Team:

  • Rehab Eldalil
    Co-Founder / Artistic Director