Goethe Institute – Library Bus

Project Details:

A large number of children go to school in rural areas of Egypt and they have problems finding good books. This is why the Goethe Institute Cairo has started its Library Bus to give kids and teenagers the opportunity of diving into the enticing world of books. The bus travels across the country thanks to Haytham Shokry, project manager and storyteller. The bus is filled with Arabic based books for children and youth that are visited directly at their schools and student clubs. Children are exposed to interactive readings, movie screenings and puppetry shows performed and coordinated by Haytham Shokry. Children can also borrow the books and read them at home. The library bus has a mascot named “Fekrawy”, an Arabic word that can be translated as “the one who thinks, who is clever and witty”. The mascot was designed by Karem, a 13 year old from Damanhur. 

The bus aims at reaching kids and teens who do not have a well-equipped library next to their doorstep – because everybody should have the chance to become an enthusiastic reader. The Cairo based event held by Goethe in April 2014 was meant to raise awareness on this exciting initiative. 

Project Insights:

Client: Goethe Institut Cairo
Project Status: Finished
Year: 2014
Duration: 1 day

Project Team:

  • Ahmed El Abi
    Photographer/ Art Director
  • Giacomo Crescenzi
    Co-Founder/ Executive Director