Goethe Institute – SEKEM Farm Conference

Project Details:

SEKEM has cultivated its own Biodynamic farms and with the establishment of the Egyptian Biodynamic Association helped over 700 farmers in Egypt to shift from conventional to Organic agriculture. Furthermore, SEKEM established the independent SEKEM Development Foundation, which is running various schools, a kindergarten, a vocational training center, a medical center and other projects. In 2014 and in collaboration with Goethe Institute ToT on Civic Education and Co-Existence was implemented at Sekem. A conference was also held in November 2014 at SEKEM conference center with an awarding ceremony for the training participants

Project Insights:

Client: Goethe Institut Cairo
Project Status: Finished
Year: 2014
Duration: 1 day

Project Team:

  • Omar Al-Gharuri
    Photographer/ Graphics Designer