what do we do:

AlQomrah offers high quality interior branding services from corporates’ needs to home decor :

1) Corporate Branding

A good brand should deliver a clear message, reinforce credibility, connect emotionally with customers and shape the public perception of what is being sold or offered to the community. The value of Interior branding is often underestimated  in Egypt while accredited research shows that international companies are investing more and more resources to reinforce their brand through the interior design of their offices and Head Quarters. AlQomrah provides the most comprehensive Interior branding service in Egypt by stressing on its expertise in visual marketing and communication while providing clients with the largest portfolio of paintings, photographs, serialised prints, customised artworks and graffiti art (depending on your needs and budget) to transform your office into an unforgettable experience and a vibrant workplace.

2) Home Decor 

AlQomrah provides individuals with the most comprehensive home decor service in Egypt by providing clients with the highest quality portfolios in fine arts and serialised artworks’ (depending on your needs and budget) to transform your home into a classy and inspirational place to raise your family and host your guests

projects in interior branding: