what do we do:

AlQomrah specialises in photography and provides clients with top quality image portfolios and supervised shooting plans suitable for any marketing, communication and documentation need.

Al-Qomrah offers 3 main categories of photography services:

  1. 1) Event photography

    Event photography consists of taking pictures to document activities, people, ambience, venue and other details of any event ranging from small to large scale (from private gatherings to high profile conferences, festivals, expos, national scale campaigns, etc).

  2. 2) Commercial photography

    Commercial photography involves taking pictures of products and services for commercial purposes (advertisement and sales).

  3. 3) Special Packages

    Al-Qomrah offers special packages of shootings as a flexile approach to satisfy specific needs of clients for both event and commercial photography. Special packages are agreed upon between the AlQomrah management team and clients on a case to case basis.

projects in photography: